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What are the limitations and initial intent of a “certificate of competence”?

Today's companies operating within potentially explosive atmospheres have come a long way with regards to training, which is now mandated by most major industries.

However, there are still a lot of misconceptions about the requirement of such trainings. Many applicants often ask ATEC prior to inquiring course contents or what competencies are to be assessed:

The initial intent of the certificate of competence is self explanatory - to certify someone’s competence. This process involves validating the candidates, experience, along with a verification of theoretical and practical underpinning knowledge.

While most early training was quite heavily focused on equipment certification, in response to one of Lord Cullen’s recommendations post Piper Alpha - the CompEx scheme was developed and 26 years later it has had a huge impact on practical safety in the workplace.

Additionally since 2010 the IECEx CoPC has added its "international" flavor to meet the same competencies referred to within IEC60079-14, ensuring that an operative, designer or responsible person (O/D/RP) understands:

These limitations and the initial intent of a "certificate of competence" are always known and taken into consideration by the companies who are the benchmark of our industries.

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