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Personal Competency Can Be a Weak Link in Most Safety Chains

Explosive atmospheres are no exception and there are many ways either for an individual or companies, to improve.

The companies who realize the challenges in this area, and mandate competency lead the way by example and their safety statistics are always testament to this!

Within the IEC60079 series of standards there are 3 defined levels of personnel with regards to explosive atmospheres that should be considered when creating a competency matrix:

  1. Operative
  2. Designer
  3. Responsible Person

The best examples ATEC have seen when it comes to a competency matrix has usually consisted of a stepped approach whereby:

  1. Awareness is first created within the relevant workforce
  2. A GAP analysis is created within the Operative/Designer/Responsible person population
  3. Competency Training & Assessment takes place

ATEC delivers a wide range of training to cover every step of your EX Competency journey. Our courses and customized training programs are designed and independently certified to give confidence that the highest standards of delivery, with consistency & impartiality are practiced.

ATEC have the largest global reach for training when it come to potentially explosive atmospheres, with certified CompEx & IECEX Training & Assessment centers throughout the Americas, Middle East & Asia.

We can be found nearby to suit your global needs.